You Probably Don’t Know What Honey Is!

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You’re warned against going beyond 24 grams of fructose in every 24 hours. And roughly 4 grams of fructose is contained in one teaspoon of pure honey.

Such an awesome evening!
Winds sneaking through me ever so slowly like a knife through a room-temperature butter.
I had my legs crossed on a honey brown rectangular bench– in front of a tuck-shop where I was a sales rep, my eyes fumbling through the pages of the vol. 9 of The Nutritionist quarterly magazine. My visitation to the magazine had been but to dig out some winning facts about honey with which I could win Temi, a soft natured customer whom I trusted would pick up the last 5kg bottle of honey if well pestered to do so— with adequate facts, however.
Temi loved facts just as he loved sugar. He would stop to shop at our corner on every good evening while weaving his way back from work.
‘Huh! Smarten up the read boy,’ I scolded myself knowing it was about time Temi passed by.
What followed my reading though might really send you reeling on folds and folds of laughter. It was actually a case of a hunted hunter. Yes, I was but that proverbial hunter intent on hunting down a buyer for the last bottle of honey for that evening but ended up being the catch caught into my own net. Defeated, I journeyed into the shop deepening my five into the pocket and bought myself the last bottle of honey in the shop.
That was accurately a decade ago, the very moment which marked the coming of total wellness into my not too healthy life.
What if I enriched you with some of those sentences about honey not just written in the magazine but which also have been manifest in the lives of many including mine since the earliest of times?
I won’t be deceiving you should I state firmly that honey will favour your life with the following—that, if you are willing to give him a chance in your current month financial budget:

Energy Boost
You can’t deny it! Sometimes you get bugged down even when you have no reason to be so. Or, for what reason on earth should you still feel weak down to the bones after a four or five-hour solid sleep, so much that getting up to have a shower turns out to be a labour? Heck, such is how disappointingly our energy flow may sometimes choose to fluctuate. But the good news is, not uncontrollably—at least for those who know their honey.

Because of its weighty carbohydrate load, honey is always there to stabilize your energy flow. The glucose and fructose scurry to the body stream giving rise to a high energy boost you most need to keep on going.

Memory Boost
We care about the size of our hard disc but our ‘head disc’? We seem to pretend as though it doesn’t even exist.
As we journey down the road aging, our memory journeys along with us and so, gradually losing its natural sharpness and retentive ability.
Antioxidants do the wonder! They serve the cells of your brain with the food it needs to flourish. An atom of research will educate you that giant intoxicants which can help keep your brain in a fine shape are closely packed in honey.

Boosts the Immune System
Regular consumption of honey can give your immune system a surprising boost. And as you know that the immune system is very essential for sound health for its functionality of forcing out diseases and ailments out of your body. Should your immune system fall low you’ll feel real drained and more susceptible to sickness. But why wait for that awkward moment to come when honey is cheaply at your reach?

You’re sure losing out on some hot adventures if honey has been all the years missing on your table. With honey: cough is suppressed; acid reflux is soothed; dandruff disappears; yeast infections fly out; Gum disease amongst others drop out of sight.

But I may be doing you a disservice should I end this text without telling you never to go extreme in your consumption of honey due to its level of fructose.

You’re warned against going beyond 24 grams of fructose in every 24 hours. And roughly 4 grams of fructose is contained in one teaspoon of pure honey.

In closing, I advise you purchase your pure honey from the locals (e.g. Ghareeb Breeds) either directly from the farmers or any natural health food store.

Nothing beats seeing honey do those wonders in your own life too.
You deserve those wonders, Honey.

(Opening narrative: fiction, Writer: Instagram @almustapha_author)
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You Probably Don’t Know What Honey Is!

You’re warned against going beyond 24 grams of fructose in every 24...
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