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    Why did you decide to join the entrepreneurship train?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur. As a child, I used to assist my mom in making pastries and selling them. I really enjoyed helping with sales. I had an inherent ability to convince people to buy. So, I would say I was born an entrepreneur. Also, I’ve always wanted to own a fashion empire. As a child, I used to play dress up with my friends. I would dress them up, make their hair and that was something I grew into. So, my path was already made clear.


2. What made you choose this type of business?

I choose to specialize in kids’ fashion because of my love for kids and my passion for fashion. I chose to make ready-to -wear dresses because it affords me the opportunity to be as creative as possible. I believe that custom dresses limit creativity. Hence, my choosing ready to wear. It’s also easier to play around with kids fashion be it shoes, clothing and accessories. Especially that of a girl child. (Permit me to say). Making a total outfit for them comes with ease and the reward is pure joy.

3. How profitable is your business?

How profitable a venture is, is determined by your definition of the term “Profit”. Profit isn’t all about money making. My profit more often than not comes from the satisfaction I derive from watching these kids’ confidence swell up in the outfits I make for them. Be it shoes, clothing, bags or even something as tiny as hair accessories. And yes, finance wise, it is a profitable venture

  1. What is unique about REVEL CREATIONS?

You see, our company’s name is Revel (spelt R3v3l) Creations. To revel means to be joyful. So, each of our products is manufactured with so much joy. While designing/manufacturing, we project into the nearest future of seeing a child slaying, playing, twisting and or twirling in any of our outfits. Our ability to project mixed with our love for kids and our passion for fashion goes a long way in distinguishing us. Also, one of our goals is to make fashion items for kids that almost every household if not every household, can afford to buy for their little ones. We design and manufacture quality and durable products with affordability in mind. We understand our society, we are aware of different social classes and their desires and we produce to meet with the needs of our people. Also, we create jobs, as all our products are Manufactured here in Nigeria from our ever-growing factory off Lagos /Ibadan Expressway.


5. How has the recent economic issues affected your business?

The recent Economic Issue has affected every business I believe. For us, Cost of Production has tripled. This is because increment in the cost of fuel affects the cost of transportation which in turn affects the cost of raw materials and the circle just goes on and on. We also make use of industrial machine, which means we operate on fuel. We rarely enjoy Electricity from the general electricity distributors so we are our own electricity provider on most days. The list is endless. However, we try as much as possible to not allow this have too much negative impact on the price of our products. It’s been a bit less financially profiting for the company. Having to produce so expensively, sell quite affordable while not sacrificing quality, but we are doing it and we don’t plan to stop.

6. Kindly tell us about your educational background

Well Primary School was a bit of here and there, but I graduated from Imo Methodist Isabo Abeokuta. I gained a secondary school admission to one of the most prestigious Secondary School in Abeokuta back then, Ijemo Titun High School. After 3years of struggling to gain admission with my science O’level but to no avail, I re -wrote O’levels in Arts. This was the result I used in securing admission into Delta State University to Study Philosophy and Religion. And yes, I went ahead to graduate as the Most Outstanding Final Year Student in my Department.

7. How has it been dropping your academic qualifications for tailoring/fashion

It’s been bliss!!! I am doing what I have always wanted to do. I can say that I am living the life. Yes, there are a few financial challenges here and there, but we are moving forward.

8. What aspect of your business is the most difficult?

Selling. Getting Nigerians to buy a made-in-Nigeria product is quite challenging. But you see, the present Economic challenges has left a lot with no other choice but to buy locally made goods. So, yes, it’s getting better. Our people are beginning to see that locally made products can be of good quality and also affordable.

  1. What are your responsibilities as the business owner?

Organizing of daily activities. Distribution of duties and proper follow up to ensure that tasks are properly carried out and quality isn’t compromised. It’s a lot of activities enveloped in a small sentence but it is worth it.

10. What are things that you think make your company better prepared to grab market share versus your Competitors?

I believe if you can give people great value for their money, make quality and affordable products with the majority of the society in mind, and also be present everywhere. I.e. advertise a lot, do great and well detailed jobs which brings about referrals, the sky is your starting point. We are doing all these and more. We have genuine care and concern for our people.

11. How do you advertise your product/service?

Advertisement is done at every opportunity we see. Mostly via words of mouth and social media for now. Our well-tailored products also get us referrals from our customers.

  1. If you have the opportunity of working in any organization in Nigeria, where would you have wanted to work?

Maybe Sam and Sara factory just to pick a few more brains. Lol

13. What’s the most difficult/challenging thing about running your own business?

Picking out time to rest is quite difficult. As an entrepreneur who wants to succeed especially a startup, there is no time to rest for you. You are always on the go, you are always working. Most times, I find it difficult to close work and face other aspects of my life. Balancing work life with other aspects of life is most difficult. I do not have a social life. Something has to give way for the birth of my vision.

14. Do you have international clients?

We are hoping for international individual and corporate patronage

  1. If you could time travel back to day one of your startup and have 15min with your former self to communicate any lessons you’ve acquired with the intention of saving yourself mistakes and heart ache, what would you tell yourself?

Never stop trying at any point. I also would have loved to focus on my dreams earlier than I started.

  1. Other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?

Not being ashamed of what I do. I always tell people what I do at every opportunity I get. I compliment a beautiful outfit and tell people I make something as beautiful for less.  I also do not feel I am too big to learn. I pick people’s brains every now and then.

  1. How did you get your first client?

I made a dress for my nieces and made their mom pay for the cost of fabrics. Lol

18. Do you still have some of your first customers? Why or how did you make sure they didn’t leave due to the growing pains from your beginnings until now? If you were unable to keep them, can you discuss what you may have done to make sure they stuck around?

Yes, I still have them. I make quality and affordable ready to wear fashion items, I provide after sales services such as reducing or expanding to perfection (which usually isn’t the case in ready-to-wear), I care genuinely whether they are buying or not, I convert them to friends and eventually family. etc.

19. Where do you want REVEL CREATIONS to be in the next five years?

Hmmmmm….have amazing walk -in fashion centers. Where kids can go for a total make over. Exporting made-in-Nigeria kids fashion items to top countries of the world.

20. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!! Give it time, be dedicated, and let monetary reward be the last thing on your mind. Derive pure joy from what you do. Never compromise on quality, have an excellent customer service and be consistent.

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  • Wow! Nyc 2 no dt som1 care about avg nigeria. Most of dx made in nigeria things use 2 be 2 expensive. Das why i dnt buy.

    • Hi Rukky, you can as well support Revel Creations and others like her by buying made in nigeria fashion. The economy will only become better when we buy these products from our own. The more we support them, the less the cost of production and subsequently the price of the finished products. Thanks again for your comments.

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